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The Pages that have been designed to provide information about our sanitary products or authorized drugs are not intended to provide medical advice or instructions of such type on their use, but only general information on which no individual should rely on or base oneself on for any specific purpose. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist regarding treatment for individual circumstances and needs.
As far as legally possible, neither Depimiel SRL nor any of the companies under the same business group (nor any of the administrators, directors, employees, shareholders or agents of Depimiel SRL or of any of the companies of the same business group) will be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages that are a consequence of: (a) the ability (or inability) to access this website; (b) the use (or the inability to use) any content on this website, (c) or the content of any website that has a link to this one. Furthermore, Depimiel SRL
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Depimiel SRL does not have the capability nor does it accept responsibility for reviewing communications or material sent or posted through its website. However, Depimiel SRL reserves the right, subject to its sole iscretion, to remove any communications from material that is considered unacceptable for any reason.


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