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DEPIMIEL is a company specialized in the development and production of hair removal products. With more than 25 years of experience, it has spotted the market demands, invested in infrastructure and qualified its employees along its history, becoming a successful and benchmark company in Latin America. Currently, among its range of products, DEPIMIEL has a modern and diverse line that takes care of every stage of hair removal, from previous hygiene to final moisturizing, giving the consumer several options to choose the most suitable method and product.



Offering the best quality of products, marketing and safety for hair removal products is our main goal. For this reason, we have two production laboratories in Argentina and Brazil, with a solid industrial structure, competent professionals and modern equipment that guarantee the excellence of all our products. In addition to our two final production plants, we began the Depimiel Forestal project 10 years ago, producing our own raw materials for the production process. It is in Curitiba, Brazil, where we started to produce Colophony Resin, Glycerol Ester and Turpentine Essence. Consolidating the project, a second resin plant was settled in the city of Posadas, Misiones, Argentina, in a 1,300 hectare land where, by means of a traditional method, we extract the resin from the pines; a 100% natural process that preserves the flora and fauna of the forest.

Production plants

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Curitiba - Brazil



Resin Plants

Candelaria - Argentina

Curitiba - Brazil

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Central Plants

Candelaria - Argentina

Curitiba - Brasil

Florida - United States


Communication and


We are in continuous contact with our clients, offering specialized attention and support. We have a group of professionals dedicated to the communication and R&D, always looking for the latest trends and working on social networks. Annually, we take part in the most important cosmetic events throughout America and hold events together with our customers, increasing the brand´s value.


This is the number one trade fair in the world, dedicated to all professional beauty and cosmetic industry areas. It has 3 annual editions in Bologna, Hong Kong and Las Vegas. We took part in the last one, by showing our products, starting new relationships and expanding our market.


This is the largest International Beauty Fair in America, where we took part with an innovative stand showing our products, performing live demonstrations and providing information to hair removal professionals.

EXPO PELUQUERIAS (Hairstyling) – Buenos Aires

We took part in the biggest professional beauty event of the country, as leaders of hair removal and personal care. We have an exclusive stand where we perform live demonstrations and presentation of new products.